Backings & Toppings

At KYS Embroidery Supplies¬†we carry backing manufactured by QST- John Solomon. They are the world leaders in embroidery backings. All the products supplied by KYS are non-directional and very dense. These backings have no give or stretch when hooped. You will achieve a “skin” tight tension for improved registration of your designs. One piece of backing is all that is necessary in most applications. Do not fall into the pitfall of layering backing. Digitizing and poor registration problems are not solved with extra layers. Additionally, styles 633, 824 and 498 are specifically designed to be soft. This is beneficial if the embroidery will be in contact with the skin. Using the correct backing is the foundation of good embroidery. We would be pleased to send a sample packet containing the backing & stabilizer products.

Questions on which backing is right for you?


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