Robison-Anton Textile Company (Div. of A&E, LLC) is the premier manufacturer of industrial and retail embroidery threads in the world. KYS is proud to be Robison-Anton’s northeast distributor.

Please give us a call if you need assistance in choosing the right thread or need help with trying to color match

How To Compare Different Embroidery Threads

Place the Robison-Anton thread and your current thread on separate machines or sewing heads. If you only have a single head run the RA thread for a full day and your current thread product the next day.
Make a chart for each cone of thread and note the number of thread breaks or issues that come about for the full period.

Before starting the test put in a new needle and run a sample. Make sure all tensions are adjusted properly including the bobbin and that registration is acceptable. Also make sure that all variables are identical i.e. design, backing, item to be embroidered etc.

Run the thread for a full day making notes of any problems. On the second day switch the two products. Run again for another full day.

Test the thread at various speeds, not just slower. Make sure you write down what happens at these different speeds.

Compare your documentation, compare visually the embroidered items.

Provide the best care for your embroidered garments

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